Monday, November 21, 2011

We are powerful people...

The momentum is building.
I have spent countless hours developing and programming for this winter season. The Apache Chef Apprentice program has been launched, the White Mountain Apache Culinary Translation Project is underway and we believe that our work is meaningful. We have taken the first steps in attempting to "raise people" in our kitchen. I have apprentices and my apprentices have apprentices. I am working very diligently to share my own culinary philosophy with my staff in the hopes that they themselves develop their own method of communicating through food and culture. We as a group of Apaches in the Kitchen are on a pathway toward creating a strong cultural identity in professional cooking. We recognize the importance of humility and relying on one another in this project. "Apaches are powerful people." I don't know how many times in my life I have heard that phrase and I believe it to be true. We aim to demonstrate this strength in our particular discipline of cooking.

Stay tuned to this blog because in the next few weeks the hotel will open and we will be back in full swing with a complete intellectual, emotional and even spiritual recharge. This is important to us and we will be documenting our progress with writing, journaling, photography and sharing. Be on the look out for images of kinesthetic learning in action; organic culinary culture building; witness our mentors become better chefs as they teach our apprentices and share in this powerful gastronomic experience here in Apaches in the Kitchen...or you can come and visit us in our kitchen and dine at the chef's table.
Thank you for supporting White Mountain Apache Culinary Culture!