Saturday, October 29, 2011

Culinary Culture Building

Getting ready to open our kitchen is challenging task that I feel we are ready for. We will be bringing a few new people on board for training and "culinary culture building". This will be a challenge and I have been producing materials for the in-coming apprentices that we may get. They will be held to a high standard and expected to do many things outside "normal" kitchen work and it will be interesting to observe the response.

The term "Culinary Culture Building" is a term that we came up with to put a better name to what we are aiming to do and that is developing Native American Cuisine and Culinary Culture. I do feel that this broad term can also be applied to not just Native American cooking but to world cooking in general.

In our vision of Culinary Culture Building, the best way to contribute is to "participate in your own culinary evolution" by cooking, supporting others, culinary self-education and learning through active participant observation. The development of a "culinary voice" is also very important because articulating ideas and creative methods pushes the practice even further.

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